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Length : 8.25-inch
Mouth Width : 2-inch(Stretchy)
Ass Width : 2.6-inch(Stretchy)
Package Included: 1* Masturbator for Male Masturbation

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Leather Blindfold - Hand sewn, high quality leather blindfold for extra eye comfort and is held in place by a black elastic band.
Premium Silicone Ball Gag - A soft black, drool-inducing silicone ball is strung onto two layers of leather securely sewn together, the straps fasten in the back with a locking buckle, giving you the option for added security should you desire.
Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs - A luxurious version of classic locking buckling wrist cuff in rich supple leather for the very best in stylish and secure bondage restraints.
Deluxe Ankle Restraints - keep your submissive in a tight hold with these deluxe ankle restraints. Made of soft, comfortable materials and adjustable straps, these are both comfortable and secure.
Leather Paddle - This hairbrush shaped slapper delivers a sharp, thudding swat, and looks and feels . Great for those who want to leave a lasting impression.

Step into a new realm of exquisite fantasy with your lover!

Turn your partner into your captive… your submissive… your slave! This box has absolutely everything you need to turn your depraved fantasies into a delicious reality. Take control of your lover and release your inner beast when you restrain them in this deluxe leather bondage set. 

A blindfold will effectively deprive them of their vision so they have no idea what's coming next. Every touch, pinch, spank, or lick will be a surprise.

Allow your lover to submit to you when you bind their ankles and wrists in both sets of fully-adjustable cuffs. 

Their trust and submission is a gift as you configure the connector chains to get them in a comfortable and erotic position for what you have in store. 

Muffle their panting, moaning, and begging by stuffing the ballgag in their mouth so that they will only be able to respond to your touch by arching and squirming in their bondage.

Finally, if they've been good, put your pet in a collar to show them that they are yours, mind, body, and soul. You own them. 

Attach the leash to the D-ring and take them for a walk or yank on the chain while you give them a good, hard pounding. Each article is made of soft premium Leather material for a luxurious comfort that will last through your encounter.


Material: PU Leather, Metal, Fabric, and TPE.

6 Piece Bondage Set Packing:
Ball Gag
Leather Paddle
Wrist Cuffs
Ankle Restraints


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