Triangle Crotch Muscle Massager

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Have you ever felt the muscle numbness and tension in your hips and thighs when you sit for too long? Maybe you feel it the most when you are stuck in traffic or taking an international flight when you have to put your butt in the chair for a long time.

Here is why you need this for your health. Medical research shows that the part between male’s anus and external genitalia is called perineum, which is connected with the superficial transverse perineum, bulbocavernosum muscle, ischiocavernosus muscle, deep transversus transverse perineum, urethral sphincter and other muscle groups. If a man sit for a long time, the circulation of perineum will decline and It will lead soreness of perineum and muscle tension.

The adjustable vibration modes can ease the tension on hips and thighs by stimulating perineal muscles rhythmically and it also can improve blood circulation in the limbs.

This mini seat massager is meticulously designed for drivers, office workers, the elders, gaming players, long-distance travel passengers who need to sit for a long time. It relaxes you by relieving sore or aching hips and thighs.

It has 10 vibration modes to target your specific needs. It comes with a Wireless charger compatible with 220-240V electrical outlet. Humpvibe seat massager cushion allow you to enjoy the massage experience in car, office, or at home. Its color is elegant purple. You can show your care to your loved ones who are dealing with aching hips and thighs by sending this as a gift. If you experience any issue with the product usage, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!


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