Hump Vibe.
Hump Vibe.
Hump Vibe.

Hump Vibe Mini Seat Massage

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    Can you fancy the seating down is no longer boring?
    Traditional sex toys or massage devices are required to be used in private house bedrooms, and many require intimate use after removing underwear, etc.;
    Ordinary universal massagers are designed for acupoints or muscle massages on non-sensitive body parts such as the back, hands, and legs;
    However, in real life, some special occupations or activities, such as taxi drivers, sedentary office workers, etc., cause the groin, perineum, and leg muscles to have poor blood flow and stiff, weak muscles.
    And there are a lot of medically apathetic people;
    Based on the above needs, this product is designed to relieve muscles, improve blood circulation in lower extremities and increase sex needs across sex toys and universal massagers.
    The low-key appearance of the product, excellent silent effect, even suitable for aircraft, coffee shops, cars, and even offices and other public places, also do not need to remove clothes, as if using a universal vibrator;
    The product is built with a high-speed tungsten alloy vibrator,, extremely (30 cm distance is less than 50 dB), rial growth;

    For Non-private place usage 
    Cross-border of SexToys and regular health product 
    Simplicity of operator
    low operating noise
    Strong shock sensation
    Completely seamless design allows any use of scene
    100% waterproof, easy to clean
    400mAH wireless rechargeable battery 
    90min working time 10 modes 


    How to use it?
    Press long to start, press short to adjust 10 different modes
    Use it on the seat, the vibration part of the product is close to the position of the human perineum (But the driver is not allowed to use it during driving)
    It can also be placed in the armpit, cervical vertebra, popliteal fossa, elbow, or any muscle or joint that needs massage

    1.How is it shipped?

    The vibrator is shipped in a very discreet package that won’t giveaway anything that’s inside, in case you have someone else picking it up.

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